Fresh Meat for Fresh Meals

£64.99 £69.99
Fillet Steak X 2600Gm£23.98Sirloin Steak X 2600Gm£19.98Beef Mince1KG£7.99Diced Beef1KG£9.99Diced Chicken Breast1KG£5.99Total £67.93Tariq Gym Box price £64.99 ...
£49.99 £57.95
A great selection of steaks for the week 2 x 200g Boneless Ribeye 2 x 300g T-Bone 2 x 200g Fillet Steak 2 ...
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5kg ONLY £14.99 ...
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Marinated Lamb Chops1KG£14.99Marinated Wings1KG£4.99Marinated Baby Chicken1KG£3.99Marinated Chicken Breast Fillets1KG£6.99Total £30.96Tariq Flavour Box price £24.99 ...
£0.00 £64.99
Save time with the ready to cook BBQ Box 4 Chicken Burgers, 4 Lamb Burgers, 1kg Hot & Spicy Marinated Lamb ...

Slider Testimonials

Shihab Arefin Chowdhury
It was the best meat shop in town with the largest range of halal meats. Now it was added so much more and made it even better. How can get fish, spices and a large range of frozen food! The mear ia always fresh and the staffs are really nice and good. They always listen and try to make the customers happy. Always cut the meat to my preference with a smile! One of the best thing about the shop is that its stays open till 10 pm which is perfect for someone like me! Definitely recommend!
Wanda Danvers
I have been purchasing good and fresh meat from Tariq Halal since 2 years now and the meat quality is still superb. The place is very hygienic, and the staff are really friendly.
Alice Davies
Best place to buy quality meat! They have superb and friendly staff. Here you pay what you order, they are honest and professional which is very good as compare to other shops

Someone purchased Steak Box (For 2) from Cardiff
189 Days ago